At our core, we’re about bringing people together. We host a range of events, from social meetups to informal social events where guests and discuss and practice what they’ve learnt at our more formal meets. Primarily, we’re about mutual support, about fostering a sense of community amongst our members.
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january 2024

Paul Cosens

Get the Life You Want with NLP.

Sat january 6th, 3-5pm. (GMT)

Dress for success at Homehouse and get ready to launch your life to the next level! At this session, you will learn how to empower your mindset, step out of limiting beliefs and create a new destiny. It’s in your hands and at your finger tips. This will be an intimate size group optimised for creating positive enhancements. See you have fun in the session!

Location: Homehouse, 20 Portman Square, London, W1H 6LW

kate bensoN

Intro to Learning Strategies with NLP

january 27th| 2-4 PM (GMT)

More information coming soon.


The Magic of Virginia Satir by Frank Pucelik

OCTOBER 21st| 2-5 PM (GMT)

Get ready to experience during this session first hand insights of a systemic change pioneer by the one and only Frank Pucelik

All proceeds goes to a good cause of the presenter’s choice.

NLP to support children and young people with Special Educational Needs.

august 13th| 2-4 PM (GMT)

Empowering a new perspective of learning with a coaching person-centered approach. 

All proceeds went to The MS Therapy Centre North West.

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

JUNE 25TH| 8-10 PM (GMT)

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a method many people find helpful to remove barriers, emotions and improve self-love and appreciation. Performing at your best requires the most effective tools to manage anxiety so you can get the job done at your best.

With EFT at your finger tips, you can quickly manage to feel calm you and release emotions that may have been holding you back.

Introduction To Energetic NLP

MAY 12th | 7-9PM (GMT)

What you will discover in this event, will change your life forever and it will be easy, validating, and fun.

Reality Wars: Dissociated state therapy

7th January 2023 | 2-4pm

Learn about the origins of META, a pre-cursor to NLP, in the early 70s. Fascinating insights from a former veteran and change agent. If you are curious about the development of real life models to effect positive change and explore outcome focused enhancements, this talk will fascinate you and provide a chance for you to ask questions. You will also get to discover more as a new publication is coming in 2023 to be published in English for the first time. We welcome you here. 

All proceeds will support initiatives in Ukraine to feed, shelter and supply vulnerable people, to survive this winter. Recording of the session will be available for those who want to book and not be present actually 7 Jan 2-4pm UK 🇬🇧 time.

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