“Introduction to Live like a Millionaire” with Moinuddin Kolia and Paul Cosens

Introduction to Live like a Millionaire:

You will experience the combined skill and wisdom of Moin and Paul who will help you to transform and enhance your mindset to another level.  With the experience of establishing successful businesses and coaching internationally at all levels, you will benefit from the best of their coaching, NLP and transformational change to set the positive mindset that gets YOU what you want!  

Paul and Moin have known each other for many years and first met at Wealth Mastery with Anthony Robbins almost a decade ago… bring your goals with you and prepare to live with passion and achieve well! 

Profile: Moinuddin Nishar Ahmed Kolia – successful entrepreneur, author and coaching professional

My name is Moinuddin Nishar Ahmed kolia and I can revolutionize your business to a profitable future. I have been working at what is now known as Moin’s Chemist & wellbeing centre for the past 17 years.

During that time our business has grown from a turnover of £245k to £1.47m. We have created the country’s first Pharmacy and wellbeing centre. We are now delivering care that most pharmacies can only dream of. Some of the services that we are undertaking are training programmes like DESMOND, Safe fasting for diabetics during Ramadhan and the secret of permanent weight loss from our premises. It is my mission to help independent Pharmacy owners deliver outstanding healthcare and services to their community, become a leader in their locality, achieve the recognition of the services and difference that they make to their patients, become more than just a chemist and at the same time make a lucrative profit.





Profile: Paul Cosens – Founder of Canary Wharf NLP Community, Business consultant and Licensed Trainer of NLP

As an executive coaching expert in Canary Wharf, London, Paul Cosens incorporates a combination of NLP, PRINCE II, MSP and LEAN approaches in a seamless manner to support you in improving performance in any area of business and personal development.

Paul has extensive consultation, commissioning, policy development, business analysis (LEAN Six Sigma methodology) and research experience. Strong interest in integrated healthcare, EU affairs & children’s social policy, a strategic approach and enjoys assisting people to achieve their goals. Paul loves to coach people with his breadth of NLP, hypnotherapy, IEMT and TFT accredited transformational toolkits to facilitate change from the inside into real world results.

Previous consultancy contracts and experience include the European Commission, Department of Health, Member of Parliament, Member of the European Parliament, Marconi Telecommunications, University of Liverpool, Powys County Council, Essex County Council, NHS Barking and Dagenham, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Bury Council, Stoke Council, Birmingham City Council, Private Public Ltd (NHS Brent), Richard House Children’s Hospice, London Borough of Richmond.




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