*** Hypnotic fractionation­­ & the Elman induction *** with Paul Cosens

Dear Friends,

All will be explained and we create our own way of exploring the principles within the Elman induction and make it your own. :-)

This session is best suited to people who have trained in hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP or similar modalities.

We will be going straight into doing a lot of doing in the time we spend inside the session.  Prepare to enter open-minded and share the best of what you discover with those you participate with.

We will all have a fabulous time and extend our learning beyond…

Stay well,

Paul 07834 727 428

P.s. This is one of my favourite training sessions… I am exploring the option of extending this to a whole day of training as I require one day to immerse us in the beauty and subtleties of this fabulous patterning


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