“Hypnotic Characteristics of Every Day Life” with Russell Potts

Since the word hypnosis was coined by British Surgeon James Braid back in the 1800s it is widely recognised that the induction of hypnosis involves a fixation of attention. Once formalised hypnosis is induced one may experience enhanced imagination recall of long forgotten memories and a heightened responsiveness to ideas, medical and dental interventions can be performed without discomfort and unproductive behaviours modified. 

Hypnosis is largely considered a other than usual experience yet hypnotic phenomena is a inherent aspect of our consciousness and for most the hypnotic life trance is unwavering throughout ones life. The components of our living reality are created with the same components as a hypnotic trance. The trances in which we live our life can be both resourceful and restrictive with earlier life conditioning playing out in a multitude of contexts. 

During this evening session you will learn how to recognise your own life trances and those of others as well as recognising the layers and contexts in which they occur. With this recognition and understanding hangs the key which has the potential to open the door to choice and more fulfilling ways of being. 

Subjects of the talk include:

NLP Epistemology 

Conscious / unconscious Developmental stages 

Spontaneous trances 

Hypnotic Phenomena in everyday life 

The rules of hypnosis in a broader context 

The hypnotic influence of family structures 

De-hypnotisation from life trances 

The hypnotic characteristics of PTSD, 

Addictions & other conditions 

Presenter Russell Potts Russell is a Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy and a certified NLP Trainer.


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