Get Creative with NLP Coaching – how much FUN can you DO?

For experienced NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis enthusiasts – come brighten up your future and others, see from the inside out! You will be in great company with an attractive, successful and talented community of wonderful people, like you ready for great things right now.

For an experience of creating more freedom, power and self-expression in your life, RSVP today.

This is like the Jake ‘n Elwood session… where we… that’s right… “we are bringing the band back together!” See you SHINE with us! x

With Every Blessing, Travel Well!
Paul 07834 727 428

P.s. The exact location for this evening is: Flat A, 262 Manchester Road, Isle of Dogs, E14 3HW. We START 6pm! Arrive EARLY please x


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