“Enhance Your Strategies!” with Paul Cosens

NLP Strategies… if you are a beginner, NLP Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner you are going to learn a lot from this session!

Why learn about NLP Strategies? Everything you do well and everything that you want to improve is an unconscious strategy.  This is the secret of really elegant NLP and the magic sauce from which all NLP techniques make positive changes effectively!

The magic of NLP is reflected in this session and you will learn to enhance motivation, learning, decision-making and much much more….

Specifically, you will learn:
1. How to elicit an unconscious strategy
2. How to change an unconscious strategy
3. How to install a better unconscious strategy

Do this with conversation, do this with trance, do this with elegance… easily! 

See you there! Paul 07834 727 428


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