*** Deepening of Hypnosis (One Day) *** with Paul Cosens

Early Bird Price: £47 / List Price: £97  

This will be one of my speciality days for teaching you the in-depth processes of guided awareness in trance. And the blessing opportunity will be to discover just how deeply you can go… into trance… and find yourself noticing more you can do both inside and outside … easily. Inspire yourself and learn through my unique teaching process how as a group we will all unconsciously model the success in the room and transfer the hypnotic skills across and throughout the room in a very comfortable, enjoyable and natural way. This is indeed one of my favourite teachings and I will include many gifts within and you will understand how the core principles and presuppositions of NLP can be discovered inside our deepening trance processes.

I really look forward to being a part of our collective journey in trance together and discover things together we can enjoy to improve our lives and those we care about for the better day by day in subtle and significant ways with elegance.

I consider this training to be true bargain as I incorporate the best ingredients of what I know into this very special day and encourage those with some introduction to hypnosis, trance, meditation, NLP to give yourself permission to make the most of this opportunity.

*** The formula of the day is revealed moment by moment and shaped continually with the resources in the room. ***

You will leave with a greater sense of confidence, wellbeing and skills which surpass what you now know.

Begin to start to prepare yourself to appreciate yourself more because you are worth it and you can be, do and have more than you now realise.

Tap into the resources within … your unconscious … wealth today!  See yourself achieving more with a much richer and brighter future ahead of YOU!  Now. :-)

Paul 07834 727 428  


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