“Changing compulsions” with Paul Cosens

We will explore NLP processes for working with and changing addictions, compulsions and transforming behaviours. Get ready to learn some really useful skills.

Depending on what specifically is most useful for demonstration purposes, I am likely to teach 1 or more of the following for you to learn and apply in the session:

1. Compulsion blowout – for turning addiction into repulsion
2. Swish pattern – for generating new more positive behaviours
3. Clearing unwanted states – some clients apparently ‘self medicate’ to change their state with substances or behaviours. Clear the state that they are trying to manage and the install positive, healthier, new behaviours that meet their needs better.
4. Parts integration – collapsing unwanted states and realigning the underlying need to be met in more fulfilling and healthier ways as you integrate new happier possibilities into your life and future now.
5. Anchoring – desirable states to new behaviours so you want to just GO FOR IT!
6. Collapsing anchors – from old states with classical collapsing anchors technique or creative application of the these principles to enjoy new changes! 

And likely integrating and transforming old metaphors into new ones so that you can find yourself the wonderful creative resourceful unique individual you are with all the resources you need inside of yourself and in your life around you today. 

Be Well and Shine Well with your Inner Smile Today and Everyday Now, Paul :-) 07834 727 428


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