*** Structure your hypnosis session for success! *** with Paul Cosens

You may not be surprised to learn some people have asked me a question or two recently… actually remembering and interested to know more about how people really can… learn to structure their hypnosis session…. in a way that one truly can delight! Indeed, there is a core pattern and structure which I have enjoyed sharing with NLP Practitioners and hypnotherapists to take their hypnotic effects to the next level!

So if you want to come and learn how to see yourself doing more, easily, and with more style, panache and success, then you will be in the right place, this Saturday in Harley Street where we master our skills together!

Book herehttp://www.meetup.com/CanaryWharf-NLP-Community/events/231116500/ 

Be well,
Paul 07834 727 428

P.s. you will have the chance to develop and use your own structured induction a number of times and learn from each other within this trance session enjoy!


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